While you are young

Become Organized and Start Growing

In your 20s and 30s you may be reveling in lots of 'firsts' – a first job, first house or even a first child. FAS works with you to prioritize and organize your new financial life. We will guide and advise you along the path, allowing you to enjoy many of your 'firsts'.

Financial planning


This is a time of first experiences- first job, first house, and first child.  FAS can guide you on the path of financial success by helping you cope with the unique aspects of this stage in your life.  FAS will work with you to resolve your issues of managing debt, cash flow, savings and the potential financial risk of death or disability. This is accomplished by developing a comprehensive and integrated plan customized to your goals and then helping you implement that plan every step of the way.


Investment strategy


As you start the process of building wealth it is important to take a long-term view of markets and wealth creation. The typical client in the early accumulation phase is beginning to save money and is more concerned with asset appreciation than asset conservation or current income. During this period of a your financial life FAS will build your portfolio geared primarily towards growth, with the majority of the portfolio invested in various equity (stock) asset classes. While such a portfolio usually experiences greater volatility, you recognize you will most likely not need to utilize these assets in the near future and are willing to accept greater volatility for the potential higher returns that equities offer.