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Tax-Smart Solutions For Your Wealth

At FAS, our team incorporates strategic tax planning aimed to minimize the impact of taxes across various aspects of your comprehensive financial landscape. Our goal is to implement effective and efficient tax strategies, specifically designed to align with your unique objectives in retirement planning, estate planning, investment portfolios, and more. 


Collaborative Approach

We work closely with your in-house services team, FAS Tax*, to develop strategies that seamlessly integrate with your overall financial picture, ensuring a unified and effective approach to tax management. If you already work with an external CPA, we welcome the opportunity for collaboration.

Tax-Smart Financial Planning

We recognize the significant impact taxes can have on your wealth and we believe in empowering our clients with thoughtful, forward-looking financial plans that not only align with individual goals, but also strategically manage current and future tax obligations.

Tax-efficient Retirement Accounts

Whether it’s opting for a tax-deferred choice like a 401(k) or a tax-exempt alternative such as a Roth IRA, we navigate the complexities and help you select retirement accounts that align with your unique needs. Considering your individual circumstances, we meticulously craft your retirement plan to maximize tax-deferred benefits while minimizing associated tax implications.

Tax-efficient Distributions

Ensuring tax-efficient distributions during retirement is crucial for preserving the maximum value of your savings. We analyze various avenues, including optimizing withdrawals from tax-advantaged accounts, strategically managing Social Security benefits, and exploring tax-efficient investment strategies. By tailoring a plan that aligns with your unique financial situation, we aim to maximize your after-tax retirement income, allowing you to enjoy your retirement years with confidence and financial security.

Tax-loss Harvesting

To optimize your investment portfolio’s tax efficiency, when favorable, we strategically sell investments that have incurred losses to offset taxable gains, reducing your overall tax liability. By harnessing market fluctuations to your advantage, we aim to enhance after-tax returns while maintaining a diversified portfolio.

Tax-efficient Investment Portfolios

We understand the diverse tax implications associated with various investments, including bonds, stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and more. We weigh tax implications of these securities and strategically incorporate tax-efficient investments into your asset allocation to optimize after-tax returns.

Charitable Giving Strategies

Our Advisors look for ways to align your charitable goals with tax advantaged giving. From donor-advised funds to strategic gifting of appreciated assets, let us help you make a meaningful impact while strategically managing your tax obligations.

Estate Tax Planning

Certain strategies, including the creation of trusts, gift-giving, marital deductions, and more can help you reduce your federal estate taxes and set aside more for your beneficiary or loved ones. We collaborate with your estate planning attorney to safeguard your assets for future generations. 


*This information is not intended to provide investment, tax, or legal advice. FAS Tax, LLC is a separate but affiliated company to FAS Wealth Partners and provides tax services for an additional fee. FAS is not a law firm or accounting firm, and no portion of the distributed content should be interpreted as legal, accounting or tax advice. Please consult your attorney or qualified tax advisor regarding your situation.

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Crafting Your Tax-Smart Financial Plan

From intelligent investment planning to strategic retirement planning, we tailor our services to ensure tax efficiency across every aspect of your financial landscape. 

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