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At FAS, we understand that managing wealth goes beyond simply growing it; it involves safeguarding it against the myriad risks. Every individual’s financial journey is unique. Our team of seasoned professionals begins by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your financial landscape, identifying potential risks specific to your situation. By understanding your goals, lifestyle, and tolerance for risk, we tailor our risk management strategies that suit you. 


Our services include: 

Balance Sheet Analysis
Analyzing a balance sheet to mitigate risk for high-net-worth individuals involves a thorough examination of assets, liabilities, and other financial components. This includes liquidity analysis, debt management, evaluation of illiquid assets, and more. 

Investment Risk Management
Diversification is the cornerstone of risk management. We meticulously design portfolios that balance risk and reward across a spectrum of asset classes, ensuring resilience in the face of market fluctuations. By tailoring investment strategies to align with individual risk tolerance and financial objectives, we empower our clients to navigate market fluctuations with confidence. 

Insurance Optimization
While we don’t sell insurance, our team reviews and optimizes insurance solutions, ensuring your coverage aligns with your needs, from life and long-term care to disability, health, and property & casualty insurance. 

Estate Risk Management
Collaborating with estate attorneys, we address asset protection, liquidity, estate tax funding, and other tax strategies. 

Mitigate Risk with Holistic Wealth Planning

At FAS, we believe that effective risk management is integral to sound financial planning. Our commitment to integrating risk management seamlessly into financial plans is a testament to our dedication to safeguarding and enhancing your wealth over the long term. Partner with us for financial planning that not only envisions your future but also shields it from unforeseen challenges. 

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