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The Plan

Comprehensive Financial Planning: Our Proven Process

At FAS we’re not just financial planners; we’re your trusted partners on the path to elevating your financial well-being. Our seasoned team of Certified Financial Planners (CFPs™) works closely with you to meticulously craft, implement, and manage your comprehensive financial plan to simplify the complex landscape of financial decisions and optimize your wealth.  

What To Expect


Establishing the Client-Partner Relationship 

We begin with an initial consultation and an open conversation to understand your unique financial position and aspirations. During this time, we establish the foundation of trust and collaboration that will underpin our partnership. This initial step involves us getting to know your goals, needs, and expectations while we take time to explain our services and wealth management approach. 

The Plan_Goal Setting

Goal Setting and Data Gathering 

Together, we’ll collaborate to define clear and achievable financial objectives. Whether you aim to preserve and grow your wealth, plan for retirement, secure your legacy, or sell your business, we take time to understand your goals and collect detailed data to help assess your current financial situationThis includes gathering detailed information about your assets, liabilities, income, expenses, taxes, insurance, estate planning, and more to gain a comprehensive understanding of your financial landscape. 

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Financial Analysis 

Our team of professionals conducts a thorough analysis of your financial landscape. This includes balance sheet observations, assessing cash flow, understanding your risk tolerance, considering tax implications, determining estate planning needs, and more. This comprehensive assessment serves as the bedrock upon which we construct your personalized financial plan, with a keen focus on identifying opportunities to fine-tune and optimize your financial strategy. 


Developing and Presenting a Financial Plan 

Drawing on the insights from our analysis, we craft a personalized financial plan that addresses your specific objectives and outlines the steps to achieve your goals. We take time to present the financial plan to you, explaining our recommendations and how they align with your goals. We invite your questions, discuss alternative scenarios, and ensure you have a clear understanding of the path forward. 

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Implementing and Monitoring 

Upon your approval, we assist in implementing the financial plan. We set up the necessary accounts, adjust investments, and deploy financial strategies to ensure  that all components align with your goals. We continuously monitor your progress and make necessary adjustments as your life evolves. 


Regular Reviews and Updates 

Comprehensive financial planning is an ongoing and dynamic journey. We proactively schedule regular reviews to adapt your plan as your circumstances change. Whether it’s a significant life event or a shift in your financial goals, we’re here to fine-tune your strategy, ensuring that you stay firmly on track to achieve your financial objectives. 


As your wealth management partner, we are committed to building enduring relationships that transcend market cycles and generations. We place a premium on client experience, emphasizing communication, transparency, trust, and objectivity. 

the portfolio

We pursue your goals as though they are our goals

Our goal-based investment management approach tailors your portfolio to your unique objectives, placing you at the center of the investment journey. With discipline and impartiality, we confidently guide you towards achieving your  financial goals. 

Who we serve

Our Mission: Helping You Achieve Your Goals

We serve high and ultra-high net worth individuals and families, executives and professionals, retirees, business owners, and those looking for fiduciary guidance for their unique wealth needs.