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Your Goals, Your Future, Our Expertise

At FAS we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our goal-based investment management revolves around tailoring investment portfolios to your specific goals and objectives, putting you at the forefront of the investment process. During a series of conversations and meetings we gain an understanding of your financial goals, assess your tolerance for market risk and investment time-horizon, and consider your overall investment experienceWith this insight, we craft a tailored investment strategy that follows a disciplined and unbiased approach to help you achieve your goals. 

What To Expect


Diversified Asset Allocation

Asset allocation helps align your investment portfolio with your financial goals. A well thought out and diversified asset allocation plan promotes a disciplined and long-term investment approach, helps reduce portfolio volatility, and optimize portfolio returns. We work to help you strike the right balance between risk and return by allocating your portfolio across a variety of asset classes such equities, fixed income, real estate, alternative investments, and more. Our strategic approach is tailored to your unique profile and designed to achieve your long-term goals. 


Objective Security Selection

Once we identify asset allocation that aligns with your investment objective, our seasoned investment management team carefully selects securities that offer attractive risk-adjusted returns. Importantly, we choose from the broad universe of investments and without biased constraints of a predefined “buy list” or “recommended list”. We do not receive commissions based on the holdings in your portfolio, underscoring our commitment to transparent and client-centric investment management discipline. 


Disciplined Approach 

We believe in a fundamental approach to investing that stands the test of time. We don’t follow market hype of fleeting trends, instead focusing on solid and time-honored principles of long-term investing. We help you navigate the complexities of financial markets, stay on track with your long-term objectives, and minimize the negative impact of impulsive decision-making during market turbulence. We offer discipline, perspective, and impartial financial advice, which can help you remain committed to a long-term investment strategy and patience to ride out the inevitable ups and downs of the market. 

Active Monitoring 

Our investment team diligently monitors your investments and when market conditions shift, we work to seize emerging opportunities and navigate potential risks. We maintain a watchful eye of your investments and constantly comb the investment universe for securities that offer attractive risk adjusted returns. This commitment ensures that your portfolio is thoughtfully positioned for enduring, long-term success. 


Transparent Reporting 

With our Client Portal you have the power to monitor your investments at your convenience, anytime, anywhere. You can easily access copies of your quarterly investment reports and other essential financial documents. We believe in transparency, and with us, you’ll have all the information you need to stay in control of your financial future, right at your fingertips. 


We offer partnership, not products. Our mission is to create a lasting, dynamic, and collaborative relationship with you, built on trust. We believe in getting to know you – your aspirations, your values, and your unique financial journey. With that knowledge, we explore all facets of holistic wealth management to help you reach your goals. 


We pursue your goals as though they are our goals

At FAS we believe in the power of comprehensive financial planning. Our seasoned team of fiduciary advisors works closely with you to craft, implement, and manage your financial plan to optimize your wealth and achieve your unique goals. 

Who we serve

Our Mission: Helping You Achieve Your Goals

We serve high and ultra-high net worth individuals and families, executives and professionals, retirees, business owners, and those looking for fiduciary guidance for their unique wealth needs.