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Embarking on the journey of retirement planning is not just about numbers; it’s about crafting a future that aligns with your aspirations and lifestyle. We recognize that retirement planning is nuanced, prompting our comprehensive approach to include goal setting, investment strategies, distribution planning, estate considerations, and more. Through regular reviews, we proactively adapt your financial plan to evolving circumstances, ensuring that it remains finely tuned to your unique goals and objectives. 

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Goal Setting

Clear goals are the cornerstone of effective retirement planning. Whether it’s purchasing a second home, exploring the world, considering healthcare needs, and any other personal aspirations, we take the time to understand your desired retirement lifestyle and create a personalized roadmap that serves as your guide. 

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Retirement Income Planning

We take a holistic view of your financial landscape and goals and consider all potential income sources to fund your retirement years. Equipped with that knowledge, we model and illustrate a retirement income stream that is not only reliable and sustainable, but also considers strategic withdrawals from investment accounts, optimization of Social Security benefits, maximization of pensions, and more. 

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Investment Strategy

At FAS, our commitment is to empower you at every stage of your financial journey, providing personalized investment strategies that adapt to your evolving needs. Prior to retirement, we recognize the importance of capitalizing on growth opportunities while managing risk. We construct strategies that build a diversified portfolio that aligns with your risk tolerance, time horizon, and goals. As you transition into retirement, your focus may shift towards establishing a reliable and sustainable income stream. At that life stage, it may be prudent to position your assets strategically to withstand market fluctuations, ensuring the preservation of capital essential for a comfortable and fulfilling retirement. 

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Tax Efficient Distributions

Structuring your withdrawals from investment accounts in a tax-efficient manner is a crucial aspect of ensuring your retirement funds work smarter for you. We help you optimize your wealth by considering the timing, withdrawal amounts, tax treatment of distributions, and when applicable, consider advanced strategies such as Roth conversions. Our commitment is to empower you with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the complexities of tax-efficient distributions, ensuring that your retirement funds are deployed with precision and foresight. 

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Healthcare Considerations 

We believe that a holistic retirement plan should integrate healthcare expenses, offering you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your health and financial well-being are safeguarded. Our team can help you plan for healthcare costs, evaluate Medicare options, and anticipate potential long-term care needs. 

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Estate Planning

A well-crafted Estate Plan is not just a financial strategy—it’s a legacy that reflects your values and wishes. Our services are designed to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your assets will be distributed precisely as you intend. Beyond the fundamental aspects of distribution, we delve into strategic approaches to minimize estate taxes. Our team is well-versed in exploring sophisticated strategies that can help preserve the wealth you’ve worked hard to build, ensuring that more of it goes to your loved ones and causes that matter to you. 

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