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We understand that estate planning is not just about wealth distribution; it’s about ensuring your values, aspirations, and hard-earned assets are preserved for generations to come. At FAS we take pride in our collaborative approach, partnering with seasoned estate attorneys to seamlessly integrate financial strategies with legal frameworks, addressing wealth transfer, tax implications, and legacy preservation.

Coordinating with your Estate Attorney 

Our Advisors collaborate seamlessly with your estate attorney, integrating financial strategies and legal frameworks for a cohesive estate plan. From wealth transfer to tax planning and beneficiary designations, we take a client-centric approach, aligning your financial goals with your estate plan.

Generational Wealth Transfer 

Our team recognizes the importance of ensuring that the wealth you’ve accumulated is thoughtfully and efficiently passed down to the next generation. This process involves more than just financial considerations; it’s about preserving your family’s values and securing a lasting legacy. Through strategic planning, tax optimization, and a collaborative approach with your estate attorney, we work to create a seamless transition, providing you with the peace of mind that your wealth will endure for generations to come.

Tax Strategies 

The impact of taxes, including estate and gift taxes, can significantly affect the assets intended for your loved ones and future charitable endeavors. In collaboration with your attorney(s) our team can offer guidance on tax strategies that make the most of your wealth.  

*Although we are not estate planning attorneys, our commitment is to empower you with the knowledge and collaborative support necessary to navigate your complete financial landscape. If you have yet to establish a relationship with an estate attorney, we can offer recommendations for seasoned professionals in your area.

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Tax Planning

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Beyond Estate Planning: Crafting Holistic Wealth Solutions

At FAS we address every facet of your financial life, navigating the complexities of wealth to help you reach your goals and attain true peace of mind. Our integrated services include financial planning, investment management, tax strategies, business services, risk management, education planning, and more.

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