During retirement

Live Large and Leave a Legacy

As you enjoy your new-found freedom FAS will assist you in maintaining your chosen lifestyle in retirement. We will work with you to create a legacy for your children, grandchildren and future generations.

Financial planning


Creating a legacy for your children, grandchildren and generations to come defines this stage of your financial life.  Protecting your nest egg from creditors, medical expenses and estate taxes is only part of the picture.  Navigating the complexities of how your assets are transferred to the successive generation will determine whether your assets will create that legacy or not.  FAS will create a financial plan to best fulfill your vision of how assets should be used to reach your family’s financial goal.


Investment strategy


During the preservation and transfer phase of a your life, generating enough income to support your lifestyle during the “golden years” remains the primary objective.  The majority of the portfolio continues to be invested in fixed income and other income-producing assets. However, if you realize it is unlikely you will spend all the portfolio assets while alive, the transfer of wealth to heirs and charities becomes a secondary objective.  In such case, the excess portion of the portfolio may be designated for heirs or beneficiaries and managed with greater growth in mind.  FAS helps identify a balance between generating current income for you and trying to maximize the legacy you may leave to your chosen beneficiaries.