Financial Planning

We believe a custom financial plan provides the best opportunity for you to reach your financial goals.

For over 40 years FAS has been developing custom financial plans for working professionals, busy executives, and business owners.  Prior to any recommendation we speak with you and gain an understanding of your financial goals, personal objectives and what you would like your future to become.  With that understanding and information, we will design a custom financial plan and implementation strategy to help take you from where you are today to where you want to be.  Your custom plan will:

Detail a strategy and path to assist in achieving your financial goals.

Recommend specific steps to take (both FAS and you).

Cover multiple aspects of your current financial situation and prepare for future financial life stages.

Your adviser(s) will work with you to appropriately scope your planning needs.  A plan may be comprehensive or targeted in nature.  A comprehensive plan will encompass your personal financial statement and analysis, income taxes, insurance, estate planning, educational funding, retirement and your investment portfolio.  A target plan will focus on one or more areas within a comprehensive plan.  Each person has unique planning needs, and FAS will provide the plan that best meets your need.


Once your financial plan is complete we will put the plan into action.  Your advising team will walk you through the steps outlined in the plan, regularly monitor and report to you on the progress and, should there be a need, modify the plan.  We commit to maintaining an open line of communication and meet with you as often as you desire.


In between direct communications you can obtain a complete view of your finances, manage, and monitor progress toward your goals 24/7 with our Wealth Management System.  This comprehensive online service consolidates not only your investment accounts but your financial accounts all in one place. This allows you to create and manage budgets, track your spending, generate financial statements and monitor your net worth in real time.

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