Preparing to retire

Plan for Your Dream Retirement

As you approach retirement FAS will help you transition from your career, raising children and saving for “someday” to realizing your long term goal.

Financial planning


As you transition from careers, raising children and saving for “someday” to realizing your long-term goals of financial independence and living on your investments, you are faced with a myriad of challenges.  FAS focuses on key issues in this stage such as retirement distribution issues, income taxes, and longevity risks.

Investment strategy


When you reach the pre-retirement and distribution phase of your life, you typically accumulate enough wealth to expect a significant portion of retirement income to be generated from the investment portfolio.  In this phase of life, asset preservation is usually more important than asset accumulation.  Simply, you are most concerned with very modest growth, maintaining your portfolio, and not outliving your nest egg.  As such, the portfolio shifts primarily to fixed income and other income-generating investments.  The portfolio most likely includes a laddered-bond portfolio, blue chip dividend paying stocks, and other investments geared towards income. Though the primary investment objective is preservation of capital and income generation, the portfolio may continue to own some equities to maintain diversification and add growth potential to help mitigate the effects of potential future inflation.