Your Goals

You may have a detailed vision of what you want to take place in the future or you may need assistance understanding what your future could or should look like.  What sets FAS apart from other “Wealth Managers” is the fact that we are a team of objective professionals committed to help organize your current financial situation, develop a plan to assist you in reaching your goals, and most importantly, work with you to implement your plan.

There is no ``one size fits all`` approach.

Yes, there are things we all have in common, but the reality is you are unique. FAS will invest the time needed to understand your financial goals and desired future. This provides FAS the insight to develop a tailored plan to assist you in going from where you are now to where you want to be.

Your portfolio deserves a plan.

Plan (noun): ``a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.`` An FAS comprehensive plan covers multiple aspects of your finances, detail actions, and recomendations designed to help you reach your financial goals. These custom plans present to you recomendations we make including investment strategies.

While each situation is unique, so are the general thoughts and goals of each stage in one’s life.  After 40+ years of assisting families to secure their financial future we believe EVERYONE should have a plan.  Financial planning and investment management are services worth investing in at each stage in your life.

Investment Management and Financial Planning During Each Stage of Your Life

While You are Young

In your 20s and 30s you may be reveling in many ``firsts`` – a first job, house or even a child. FAS helps guide you through the process to obtain and manage some of those ‘firsts’. A key to long-term wealth accumulation is making good financial decisions when you are young.

Wealth Building Years

With investments growing, debts shrinking and disposable income rising, FAS will be your resource for analysis of each financial scenario and will provide honest feedback on financal challenges you will face.

Preparing to Retire

As you approach retirement FAS will help you transition from your career, raising children and saving for “someday” to realizing your long-term goals.

During Retirement

FAS will work with you so you may maintain your chosen lifestyle in retirement. We will support you in defining and leaving your legacy for your children, grandchildren and future generations.